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Using Traditional BA Tools for Business Intelligence (Part 1)

Traditional Business Analysis methods and tools can be repurposed to formalize and structure Business Intelligence analysis work. In the first of his latest two part series, Jason Dove takes us through the SWOT and RACI techniques - though nothing new from a pure business analysis mind set, they are truly valuable for the Business Analyst who is working on Business Intelligence and wants more tools at their disposable.

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BPM Shared Services - It's Not A Cake Walk!

In this eBook Sumit Vij advises on how best to set up up a shared services operating model for Business Process Improvement, with thought given to the challenges and issues that a company may face whilst doing so.

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Creating a Process That Learns: The Importance of Feedback

In this article, Adrian Reed explores factors that can be considered when designing or improving a process. This includes considering mechanisms for building in opportunities for feedback into the very fabric of a process, as well as capturing metrics and assessing ongoing performance. Additionally, it includes capturing the 'voice of the customer' and hints and tips from those closest to the process.

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Quick Reference Guide ITIL Continual Service Improvement

So far, we've learned some of the key concepts of ITIL Service Management, and the Lifecycle stage of: Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition and Service Operations. Continual Service Improvement is the fifth and final stage, and arguably the most important. It focuses on increasing the efficiency, maximizing the effectiveness and optimizing the cost of IT services and the underlying processes. This Quick Reference Guide will take you through the vital aspects of this stage, to help you implement it in your daily practice.

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What Do We Do When They Just Won't Listen? Selling the Benefits of Process Analysis and Improvement

Up front analysis of our business and our processes will help us to ensure that we have clear consensus on the problem that we are trying to solve with any given initiative. A little time up front will help us understand and compare multiple solutions, and will help us ensure our executive stakeholders have access to the best quality information to make their decisions. However, getting the remit to carry out this work can be tricky, so clearly articulating the benefits is key.

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Quick Reference Guide ITIL Service Transition

Following on from the Quick Reference Guide focusing on Service Operations, this instalment covers the Service Transition lifecycle phase of ITIL.

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Quick Reference Guide ITIL Service Operations

Following on from the Quick Reference Guide focusing on Service Design, this instalment covers the Service Operations lifecycle phase of ITIL.

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Visio Quick Reference Sheet

Our Visio Quick Reference Sheet gives some handy hints and tips for using Visio day to day. Quickly get to grips with: Connection Points, Alignment Control, Duplication and more.

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